All Basic Computer Keyboard Shortcut Key – कंप्यूटर बेसिक शॉर्टकट की

All Basic Computer keyboard Shortcut key – कंप्यूटर बेसिक शॉर्टकट की


Ctrl + A                                    Select all text

Ctrl + X                                    Cut Selected item

Ctrl + C                                    Copy Selected item

Ctrl + V                                    Pate

Home                                       Go to beginning of current line

End                                          Go to End of current line

Alt + F                                     File menu option in current program

Alt + Tab                                 Switch between open application

Alt + Shift + Tab                     Switch backwords between open application

Alt + Print Screen                  Create Screenshot for current program

Ctrl + Esc                                Bring up start menu

Alt + Esc                                 Switch between applications on taskbar

F2                                            Rename select item

F3                                            Start find from Desktop

Alt + F4                                  Close  current open program

Ctrl + F4                                  Close Window in program

F4                                            Open the drive Selection when browsing

F5                                            Refresh

Alt + Enter                              Open Properties window of Selected Icon

Shift + F10                              Right-click

Shift + Delete                         Delete file Permanently

Wind + D                                 Bring Desktop to the top of other windows

Wind + M                                Minimize all windows

Wind + Shift + M                   Maximize Windows

Wind  + E                                Open Micro-Soft Explorer

Wind + Tab                             Cycle Through open program on Taskbar

Wind + R                                 Open the Run Window

Wind + L                                 Lock the computer (Windows XP)


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