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Full form of etc stand for “Et cetera”

The full Form of etc in English “Et cetera”
The Full form of etc: What is the meaning of etc? We use the term etc every day but do you know the full form of etc? If not, you are reading the correct information, we will tell you what etc means, how to use it.

Hello friends, often we see that etc is the place at the end of sentences in English. But there are very few of us who know its meaning. And there are very few people who know the etc full form.

Today in this article, we will tell you about the use of the full form of etc, the meaning of etc.

etc It is a Latin language word. Which has been include in English without making any changes. Et cetera in Latin means “and the rest”. The meaning of etc can be understood by “etc.”, “other similar things”. And can be understood by continuing or so on.

Some people are also called ‘End of Thinking Capacity’. But this is not its true meaning, because this word is originally derived from Latin in this form, and in Latin, we have explained its meaning to you.

How and where can we use etc?

let’s learn about how we can use etc, similar things are writing by putting a coma together and when not wanting to write all the things, then just writing a few things and then putting them on, etc. so that the sentence will not lengthy and similar things have to be written after. it can also be use instead of “so on” or “continue”.

etc is write at the end of the sentence. for example:
How to Increase Typing Speed?
What is web designing?
How to become an IAS Officer?
When we write a list, etc is write in the last.

Full form of etc = Et cetera
The etc word is explained in a different thinking way as the following type:

etc is an English word with the full form ‘Et cetera’. It is a Latin word in which Et (And) Cetera (Rest, Things), Etc stands for the full form or meaning ‘End of Thinking Capacity’, and End of Thinking Capacity’

Full form of etc: End of Thinking Capacity
Full form in Latin: Et Cetera (And Things)

In English, ‘So On’ is also use in place of etc and in English we say other, etc.’ and hence And So Forth, And The Rest, And The Like, Among Other, And Such like We can use Etsetra instead.

The following is a complete list of words: Et cetera
The full form of etc list And so on
Will continue in the same way
more of the same Abbreviated Complete Form:
Et cetera (Other Things)
Electronic Toll Collection
Evil Type Correction
Experiment Test Cycle
Earth Terrain Camera
Estimated Time of Completion
Electronic Toll Collection

When and where to use etc

etc Word will be use where your thinking ability is lost, that means you share a list, you can do it in the last, etc.

Example: We Are Sharing Here Full Forms, Meaning, Information, Abbreviation Etc.

Example: Here we are sharing the complete form, meaning, information, short description, etc.

According to the example, you must have understood that what this website shares are its list and did not mention many things in the list which is the end of thinking ability.


Do you know what etc means? So here know what is the pronunciation and meaning of etc. Get etc information and definition in very simple language. I hope you have got complete information about etc. You get this post through the Full Form of etc also reveal at the end of searching.

Our post etc, if you have any problem or you have any questions, tell us about this post by commenting in the Comment Box. we will definitely help you.

Thank you for reading this post, and bye friends have a nice day.

full form of etc | how many people know about use of etc |general full form


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