RAM full form? What is the full form of RAM?


What is the full form of RAM?
RAM- Random access memory

RAM full form is a Random Access Memory. RAM is not stable memory means when the computer turned off that stored in RAM is lost. RAM the main memory for the computer and mobile phone in RAM you can erase or change your data application that is used in nowadays on devices are stored in RAM from the hard drives because the data is loaded faster in RAM rather than the hard drive when you increase the capacity of your RAM in your computer or mobile phone the speed will also increase with that and that is only called random Access because data can be read or write randomly from one single byte the RAM is divided into two broad categories example s Ram and d Ram s Ram is static ram and this is faster and more expensive then ram information that is stored in s Ram is volatile it stores the data in the form of BIT using six transistor memory cell and d Ram is known as dynamic Ram which is then s Ram and less expensive and d Ram stores data the form of transistor and capacitor most PC are used d Ram it is also volatile memory ram smaller than hard disk

Features of RAM

1. it is a device that is used for storage and it is working as the main memory.
2. it increases the computer speed.
3. it is smaller than hard disk in size as well as capacity wise also.


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