What is the full form of ATM


What is the full form of ATM

Here you will get information about ATM-like what is ATM? what is the full form of ATM? what is the meaning of ATM? how it works? what are the benefits of ATM?

What is the full form of ATM?

the full form of ATM is an automated teller machine it is an electrical machine that is used for making money transactions form the bank account. ATM is used to withdraw money from a personal account.

ATM makes money transactions easy because these machines are fully automated and there is no need for human hands and many people also don’t know that there are two types of ATM machines. the first machine comes up with very basic features like where you can only withdraw money from the machine

but there are other ATM machines which comes up with very advanced features with you can do both processes like you can withdraw money as well as you can deposits money also.

Main parts of ATM?

Card reader: this is used to read the data from the card which is stored in it when the card is swiped or inserted into the given space. then the machines read the information from the card and pass to the server based on the details further process is done.

Keypad: This is used for entering the details into the machine like the pin number, amount of cash we want to withdraw and many more.

speaker: it is provided in the ATM machine to provide information or feedback in the form of sound

Display screen: it is also provided in the ATM machine it displays on the information regarding the transaction on the screen. it shows the whole procedure step by step. and it also contains a ctr screen or led screen

Receipt printer: it provided you a receipt when you have done your transaction and that receipt conation all the information regarding your account it also tells the date, time and amount of money withdrew and the balance left, etc.

Cash dispenser: it is the main part of the ATM machine it dispenses cash the high-level sensors are provided in the ATM machine it allows machines the correct amount of amount that is required by the user.

How ATM works?

to start the ATM machine, first of all, you have to insert the card into the ATM machine. you have seen that in some ATM you have to drop the card and in some machine, you have to swipe the card then you have to fill the information regarding your account like pin number amount of cash want to withdraw, etc.

Benefits of the ATM machine?

  • first benefits of ATM machine is that you do not have to carry cash from home
  • second benefit of ATM machine is when you need money you can withdraw money any time
  • the third benefit of ATM machine is your money is safe you can be stress-free


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